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Your corporate workspace. Cloud functionalities & apps to enhance
communication and collaboration within your community

01.1 Organize

Organize your community easily using (sub)groups. Grant rights, delegate tasks and responsibilities such as they are in real life.

01.2 Localize

The localization service is an efficient way to monitor and direct your field staff, or use it simply to know where your friends of colleagues are.

01.3 Profiles

Find the right people you need at any time based upon their extended profiles. Determine yourself which information you like to share and be found with.

01.4 Presence

Share your live presence from your workspace, at home or from the road if you still like to be available for business or communication with your community.

02.1 Videoconferencing

Free video conferencing from within your web browser – without the need to install any software – high of quality and a low bandwidth usage.

02.2 Instant messaging

Chat with other members or groups from your community and stay available on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

02.3 Timeline & news

Always keep up-to-date with your personal selection of messages on the Timeline, community news, private RSS and social media feeds.

02.4 Forum & F.A.Q.

Save lots of time by not getting into recurrence and store the great amounts of knowledge within your community in the forum of F.A.Q.

03.1 Projectmanagement

Manage your personal and team projects and delegate tasks with the project & task management apps.

03.2 Planning & control

Guide your employees when they are available and on site using tools such as shared calendars, projects, localization and presence.

03.3 Wiki’s & media

The most comprehensive encyclopedia in the world integrated in SECONE: WikiPedia and it’s multimedia platform WikiMedia.

03.4 File sharing

Prevent countless old and duplicate files and start storing and sharing your files in the cloud.

04.1 Relatiebeheer

Manage and get insight in your clients, suppliers, partners and other relations right from within SECONE.

04.2 Product & Inventorymanagement

Manage your products and current stock. Secure and centralize product details and manuals in the cloud for you and your relations.

04.3 Financieel beheer

Keep up with your finances always and anywhere. Get insight in your company’s financial situation at all time.

04.4 Frontdesk

Communicate with and provide extra service to your relations using the Servicedesk and Ticket System apps.

05.1 Remote Desktop

Unburden your organization with the blazing fast hosted remote desktop solution with Microsoft Windows 8, Office 2012/365 and Exchange.